Enrolment in Medicare Advantage plan by Humana

Humana sells the Medicare advantage throughout the US. In addition, Humana offers options to meet all needs and preferences when medical help is needed along with budgets of all beneficiaries. If you are new to this program or are about to change Medicare coverage, you can take a look at Humana Medicare Advantage plan.

As part of medicare advantage plan (Part C), Humana as a private company, has a contract with Medicare, offering the same or similar advantages offered by the Original one. The only exception is absence of hospice care, which is provided by Part A.


medicare advantage plan

Humana offers Part D prescription drug coverage

Similar to other Advantage plans, Humana also offers Part D prescription drug coverage as well as many other additional benefits that cannot be found in plans A and B. These benefits include things like routing dental coverage and complete coverage of membership in exercise programs.

Most popular plans

If you are wondering which plans Humana has to offer, check some of the below. Be aware of a fact that maybe some of them will not be available in your current location.

HMO: A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) usually requires receiving health care from plan’s network providers. At Humana website, it is possible to find network of doctors and health providers too, all within you area of plan’s service. It is allowed to use one of the network medical providers to get service you need, with the exception of urgent health care. Select your doctor for a primary care might require finding a referral from the doctor in order to visit a specialist.

PPO: A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is another type of plan. You must decide on getting the best coverage by visiting the network provider. It is possible to be covered by Medicare services even if you choose a provider that is outside the network, but be aware you will pay much more for non-network services. It is worth to mention that choosing your primary care doctor is not necessary in this case, and it is allowed to arrange your appointments with specialists without referral’s engagement.

PFFS: It is a short name for Private-Fee-for-Service. These plans offered by Humana, regulate their own structures of payment. This plan allows you to pick any of available medical providers, but they must agree with all terms and conditions set by the plan.