The Best Tips to Follow When Picking a Wedding Photographer

Photographer taking picture of brideWeddings are important events in life that you cannot afford forgetting. They mark the beginning of a new phase in life where people start up their families. Photographs are among the key things that help to keep the memories of a wedding. They can be static or moving. Many people offer photography services. Each will have their criteria of attracting clients all of which are convincing. Consequently, many are the times when people get challenges when finding the right wedding photographer. It becomes devastating when one contracts the wrong photographer for their weddings since if they fail to capture the event as expected, it cannot be repeated. Selection mistakes result to one lacking good memories of lifetime events. When I used George Street Photo & Video in Chicago, the checklist below is what I used to make my choice:

Photographer’s portfolio

The artist’s work should be the guiding in gauging their performance. It gives a true insight of what kind of work the photographer is likely to do for your wedding. You should not be pleased with the images photographers post on their websites or for display; they are always their favorite. Take your time and analyze a substantial amount of work the photographer has done previously. Check on such qualities as presentation, style, color balance, lighting among others. Weigh your requirement on the ability and skills of the photographer you are examining.


No exact measure exists for personality. As such, you need to visit the photographers in person. Listen and evaluate your feelings about the person right from your first meeting. The first impression is always essential. You need not contract someone who cannot work with other people. Go for someone who is approachable and listening. How comfortable you feel around while interacting with the person should guide you in deciding whether to contract the person or not. A person of integrity will be much preferable since they will be handling personal matters that cannot be handled just like that.


Weddings are demanding and as such may require one to work with huge budgets. Consequently, the wedding committee works hard at ensuring the resources committed to every activity are optimized. Evaluate the price offers for various photographers and choose the most favorable. Care should be taken to avoid trading quality for the price.


However experienced a photographer is, if he or she lacks the right tools to do the job, the outcome will be a shoddy job. In your evaluation, ensure that the photographer you select possesses the right tools. Having the right tools implies that the photographer has quality cameras among other accessories so that they will not have to rely on outsourced ones. This will ensure that there are no inconveniences during the wedding that may lead to some details being left out or recorded without sufficient clarity.

Finding the right wedding photographer is a milestone as far as getting the good photography services is concerned. It is a process worth your time, and that avoids future regrets. Choose a wedding photographer wisely and you will have better memories for a lifetime.