Matching Tattoos as Wedding Vows

This is a huge new trend these days. More and more couples have been getting matching tattoos before their wedding. So we thought we would give you a little advice on finding the right person for the job and how to prepare for getting your first set of ink.

While tattoos are fun to show off and even symbolic for some people, they can be very painful during the tattooing process and some days after. Fortunately, the mindset associated with the tattoo and the expectations go a long way in giving people the courage to get the tattoo anyway.

Chicago has a plethora of tattoo shops to choose from. If you look in some business directories, you’ll find hundreds of local shops. Some have great reviews, others have reviews that will make you stay away from them. Ultimately, it will be your decision which place you’d like to use based on their style. However, based on personal experience and reviews from others who got a tattoo, I recommend these tattoo artists. It’s just important to make sure you go with your heart when it comes to these things. You can’t over think it too much, but at the same time you have to do the proper research online (just like you do with any big decision). The bottom line is, there are plenty of shops out there, but we’ve pointed you in the right direction.

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Now that you’ve made your decision, it’s time to go over a few things to get you prepared.

You need give mental and physical effort when getting your tattoo. While there are some tricks for dealing with the pain associated with tattoos, attitude and mindset make the greatest difference.

If you lie down for the process expecting to feel the pain, your mind will be concentrated on the needle, and your brain will register every prickle and every sting, expounding the pain. However, taking your mind off the pain helps suppress the pain or even get used to it – mind distraction tricks, like listening to music or reading a book, are among the most popular for pain suppression.

Other popular pain suppression tricks are:

Take deep and regular breaths. Most people tend to hold their breath as the needle makes contact with the skin. While this may be only natural and even out of instincts, it is nonetheless inconveniencing in several ways.

To start with, concentrating on holding the breath focuses the mind on the tattooing process, increasing the brain’s receptivity of the pain. Additionally, the heart may pump harder and faster owing to oxygen deprivation, making your blood flow unstable and causing you to shake. This may come as an inconvenience to the artiste and he/she may apply more effort to get the job done well.

As such, take deep and regular breaths that will allow your mind to think about other things and keep your body still.

Additionally, you can ask for a numbing agent. Some tattoo shops offer clients the option of using a numbing agent such as numbing cream or numbing spray to suppress the pain. This agent is simply applied over the area you want tattooed and suppresses the nerves in that region for some time – at least through the tattooing process.

As such, if you feel the pain will be a problem, go ahead and ask for this agent – it will make the process more comfortable and will contribute to a more appealing tattoo, as it will help you stay still.

There is also an option to avoid painful areas. Some areas of your body may be more receptive to the irritation caused by the needle, increasing your pain. As such, it is wise to avoid these areas unless it is necessary that the tattoo be positioned there. Avoid skinny areas where the bone is just underneath the skin and sensitive areas such as breasts and underarms. Instead, choose areas that are masculine such as arms, chest, back, and hips.

A huge factor is how large the tattoo will be. The size of the tattoo you intend to get affects the pain you feel in two ways – the period taken to draw the tattoo, and the area of the skin covered. As such, it is generally recommended to go for small tattoos especially if your skin is sensitive or if the tattoo is being drawn on a sensitive area.

A good thing to do while getting your tattoo is to drink a lot of water. Water helps keep the skin hydrated and makes it soft and supple, making it easier for the artiste to draw without applying too much pressure. As such, ensure you drink a lot of water and fluids for about two days before getting the tattoo to prepare your skin – it will go a long way in giving you an appealing tattoo.

The pain may persist for some days after the tattoo has already been drawn. However, you can suppress it by placing a cold towel or ice over the tattooed area to numb the nerves. Additionally, you can take some pain suppression pills, but first consult with the pharmacist to check whether it is okay.

One common mistake most people make when going for a tattoo is taking alcohol or over-the-counter painkillers. Instead of suppressing the pain, they only increase the heart beat rate, making the area being tattooed bleed excessively. Consequently, this makes it hard for the tattoo to see his/her progress, making the process uncomfortable for him and painful for you.

Use these tested and proven tips and tricks to make the process of getting a tattoo comfortable and increase the appeal of the outcome.