Benefits of AARP Medicare Advantage plan

An AARP medicare advantage is one of the Medicare plans introduced to improve health care services needed by citizens who attain the age of 65 who have worked and paid into a system via payroll tax. The original Medicare was started in the year 1966. Its first recipients were President Harry S. Truman and his wife, the then First lady. Since then, a lot of development and changes have been given to this health care plan. Governments also provide health care for disabled young people and those with End-Stage Renal diseases.

The Medical advantage which is also known as Medicare part C is a type of medical & hospital coverage given by private institutions such as Insurance companies, Religious organizations, union and other kinds of private establishments. Notwithstanding, these private institutions are still being monitored by the federal government.


aarp medicare advantage

What are benefits?

This plan offers all benefits offered by other plans, which are: Medical insurance (Part A), Hospital insurance (Part B) and even more.

  • Below are some of numerous benefits of this plan. Different benefits are offered by different Medicare providers, it will be better if you investigate and find out the one that best suits you, so as to enroll for it. Benefits include:
  • All benefits offered by Part A.
  • All benefits offered by Part B.
  • Routine care for your hearing and vision.
  • Fitness program.
  • Prescription drug coverage.
  • Wellness services or a nurse helpline.
  • Health club membership.
  • Out-of-pocket limit.
  • Options including or exclusive of provider networks.
  • Premiums fitting a variety of budgets.

Other benefits include a reduction in 20% co-pays and high rate of deductions that happen in Original Medicare, coverage outside the United States and so on. Only one is not involved in Part C is the Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap), as supplement plans only pay benefits in Original plan.

What are things you must know about?

Drug coverage is not possible if you are in HMO or PPO and want to join a stand-alone drug plan. It will only work if an option including drug coverage is selected. These are some of things peculiar about those who enroll for an Advantage plan:

  • Residence in plan’s service area and have Part A or Part B.
  • Using Advantage plan card instead of Medicare card.
  • Continually paying for Part B premium.
  • Paying for deductibles, co-payments, or coinsurance for services gotten. Paying also a premium for a plan.