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One of the most thrilling moments for any bride and bride groom is the wedding day. This is for the simple reason that marriage marks one of the most significant moments in the life of couples. However, planning a wedding is never a simple task since there are so many factors one must consider. For instance, one of the very first things to consider while planning for such an occasion is the budget. Depending on the venue and all activities which had been planned for the day, it can either be an expensive or cheap wedding. Remember, about 50% to 75% of the total budget will always be spent on the wedding venue.

Hi, my name is Larueta Miscani, and I’m here to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, first by starting with the banquet, or wedding venue, which you have to choose. When it came down to my special day, EC Banquet was my choice for my dream banquet hall chicago venue but depending on your budget, costs, and taste, there are a few things you can look into, by following these essential steps:

Why I Chose EC Banquet Hall when I got Married

A wedding is a one day affair that is never repeated in your lifetime. This is therefore a very important and one of the most memorable events in your entire life. One of the most crucial thing about wedding is your wedding venue. If you truly want to enjoy your big day, then you have to go for the best and most ideal wedding venue. The venue will always dictate the mood of the wedding environment. Thus, evaluating different wedding venues to find perfect one is crucial. There are many banquet halls in Chicago to choose from. If you were interested, I chose the banquet hall Chicago venue of my dreams.

There are a whole mountain of reasons why EC Banquet is the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony and reception. This venue is the top wedding ceremony venue in Chicago and will greatly make your day a success. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose EC Banquet for your wedding in Chicago.

Romantic and Luxurious Atmosphere

What you mostly need during your big day is that romantic atmosphere. At EC Banquet, you will enjoy the luxurious and romantic feeling from the second you pop into the Italian Renaissance lobby. Here you get high quality service and all the attention you deserve. You too will enjoy extra bride attendants on the material who will be out to make things smooth and assure you of a successful day.

Space for Your Guests

EC Banquet was made with your guests in mind. This venue has the required space to hold all your guests. The Grand Ballroom is the larger reception room with 6,500 square feet that accommodate up to 550 guests. You can as well opt for the 4,070 square feet Parlor Room, which will give you all the romance and warmth you want. This room is full of intimacy and has enough space for your handful of guests. This room comes with 2 fire places, mahogany wood floors as well as 11 foot marble columns.

In-House Catering

You also plan to throw a party after the wedding or to share lunch or dinner with the guests. At EC Banquet, you won’t bother hiring a catering service to serve the foods and drinks. You will get any catering service you need from this facility as it have world class chefs to prepare the meals for you. Should you need a light lunch, a heavy dinner, a South Asian menu or a European dinner menu, you will get it right from EC Banquet. The chefs and butlers will serve you through the night, thus making your day a real success.

Now you have got an insight on the services offered at EC Banquet. You now know that this is the prime wedding ceremony and reception venue in Chicago. You can now go on and book an appointment with the EC Banquet wedding planners to have a tour on this facility so as to confirm that what you heard and read is true.

How to choose a banquet hall for a wedding in Chicago

The number of guest?

Inviting people to your wedding is obvious. The size of a banquet hall will be determined by the total number of guests who are to attend the wedding. Remember, it won’t make sense to hire a bigger banquet hall if you’re expecting few guests and vice versa. It must be spacious enough to cater for all the guests. Wedding time is a joyous moment and therefore, the hall must be spacious enough to allow the guests to mingle and dance.

The guests must also feel comfortable and happy about the hall. Do not choose a venue which will make your guests to shy away from attending your wedding.This at times becomes challenging more so if you’re not sure of the number of guests you expect and may be a larger hall could be a better option.

How much will it cost?
Different banquet halls in Chicago offer different facilities and hence the variation in prices. Some of these facilities may include the parking space, bride changing room, security, transportation services, decorations and power backup just to mention a few. If they offer a wide range of facilities, then, there’re chances that you’re likely to pay more for the venue. This can be one of the most difficult decision to make. But, it’s important to choose one which offers those facilities you need for the wedding. In most cases, it’s one of the most difficult decisions to make. The best way to go about it is to invite couples who had recently used the facilities. They can always guide you to go about the process successfully. As you make this decision, it must always be within your budget.

Do they offer catering services?
How can the weeding be complete without food? Food is an essential part of a wedding reception. In most instances, food plays a vital role when it comes to rating the wedding. Establish whether the foods available will meet the taste of your guests. There must be a wide range of choices. Again, there are those banquet halls which may allow for outside catering services while others will insist of hiring their own. This is also a factor to have in mind. You can discuss this with event coordinator.

Visit the venue before the wedding day
Never hire a banquet hall before you visit the venue to be sure of what exactly they offer. In fact, you should visit it regularly to ensure that everything is in place for the wedding day. Furthermore, this will also help you to familiarize yourself with the place which is also essential. Do not visit this place alone, go with your wedding coordinator. They’ll always advice if the venue is suitable or not for the wedding.

What is your wedding style?
Different venues are ideal for different styles of wedding. You must be specific on your wedding style. Couples must decide on this early enough to get the best wedding decorations of the banquet hall. It also plays a significant role when it comes to choosing the right venue for the wedding.

Consulting widely with those who have used such venue will act as guideline to choosing a good banquet hall for a wedding in Chicago. Do not shy away from asking questions about different aspects of the hall. It’s the only way your wedding will be successful. This is never an easy process, it’s systematic and doesn’t require just a couple of day for the day’s success to be realized. Take time to plan for your wedding.

For more information about EC, you can visit their website: http://www.ecbanquethall.com to see their beautiful venue. You can also check out their wedding planners and see what they could cater at your wedding.

Now that you know where I got married, and the banquet I recommend, be sure to check out my blog and get much more expert advice on getting things right for your upcoming special day.